No Topic. Just Thoughts.

An Indian movie I could remember watching as a little kid was “Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani” (Prem’s Amazing Love Story).

The scene where Prem and Jenny wished on a shooting star made this movie so dear to me then.

I so much loved the idea of a shooting star after watching that movie, that I would go out almost every night when the stars are out, desperately looking for a shooting star to wish on.

Imagine my shock when I eventually got to know that a shooting star is just a meteor and not a star. 

Now you would say, “What’s the point in all of that? It’s not like my wish will come true. All a shooting star offers is fickle hope.” 

I thought that too.

But what’s so powerful about shooting stars? 

Yes, in theory, you’re not going to get what you wished for, but the ability to hope for something in return for asking— even when you know it most mostly won’t come true,— is amazing.

You may be wondering, “Why would anyone still do that if they knew nothing would happen anyway?”

It’s stupid, right?

But I love this kind of stupid.

Here’s why:

A shooting star is like God, (even though God is nothing like a shooting star.) 

We send our prayers and requests to God even if we don’t know whether He’ll bring them to pass, yet we still have faith that He will. 

We still have hope that no matter what we’ve been asking for— or no matter how many times we didn’t get it—, we will still go back to Him the next time.

Even more certain are we that we’ll get what we asked for if we keep at it time and time again, until it finally manifests.

In a sense, the shooting star is symbolic of the box we put God in; the wishes we make are symbolic of our prayers and requests that we make known to God.

A lot of us don’t take wishes seriously because we have done that many times without positive results. So when we are asked to make a wish, we become skeptical. And since things aren’t changing and our wishes aren’t coming true, we stop wishing.

Thereafter, we halfheartedly indulge in wishes because we don’t want to wish for something and be let down when it doesn’t come true.

So with God, when we pray and still don’t get what we asked for, it makes us feel as though our prayers are falling on deaf ears.

We begin to doubt God; we begin to stop looking at Him as the God who can do exceedingly abundantly far above anything we ask or think, and then we lose faith.

We start to look at God as a shooting star, a box where our prayers go, unanswered.

But it’s not true!

God hears every prayer, every word we say or think. You may not always get an answer to your prayer the way you want it or when you want it, but you will. Even if what you asked for isn’t for you, He has something bigger. 

We have to stop trying to rush Him or tell Him what to do. It’s that His will be done, not ours . Everything is in His timing. 

He’s not a place where our hopes and dreams go to die, He is the one that brings them to pass in His timing and in His way.

Never stop seeing the beauty in prayer. With God, He is the one who hears our every word, moves the mountains, and parts the sea just to see them come true. 

If you can’t see the beauty in that, the hope that is there, then how can you go boldly to God asking for something and expect to receive it?

Go ahead, say a prayer; and this time when you do, don’t hold back. Believe that you will have whatever it is you’ve been hoping for and be content in the fact that it will happen— even if it doesn’t.

That’s faith. The hope that triumphs over every situation.

Desperately hand over to God everything you’ve been wanting to happen, and let whatever war you’ve got raging in that mind of yours stop.

Now, go ahead and say a prayer.

This time, try with faith.

I am Oluwaferanmi,  

And you are loved by God.❤

Edited by Daniela Obike.

PS: If you have a suitable title for this post, I’d love to see it in the comment section.🤝

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7 thoughts on “No Topic. Just Thoughts.

  1. We have to really stop limiting God by our thinking or actions. We’ve got to embrace Faith and continually hope in God till we have our expectations met.
    Agnes, this really came right in time.
    What I think the title should be is; Hope that lives!

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  2. Yeah… I’m reminded of times in my life when God had decided to answer my prayers in different, unexpected ways. It doesn’t even have to make sense. I badly needed light one time like that, I prayed so earnestly, shouted, cried, begged God, even asked Jesus and the Angels to help me beg baba G. for light to come. Lol. Moments passed, no traces of anything. I was so angry with God. But then, at a point, we ran out of water in the house, we had no choice, but to buy fuel and switch on the Generator. Weew… I got my light. Not in my way. But I got it anyways. That’s God. He answers prayer. May not be in our way. But He does.

    Thanks for sharing this dear. 🥰

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  3. ohhh the coincidence! i watched this movie just a few days ago and it was so hilarious and wholesome at the same time. i think my shooting star obsession of sorts started after watching “kuch kuch hota hain” and then reading turtles all the way down by John green. lovely post.

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  4. Actually, when we pray to God we get the strength to believe that there is someone who is always with us but if we think opposite then we will feel helpless in the time of our trouble!well shared thanks 🌹🙂

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