Dear Me… With Love, Ivy.

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Episode 5.

“It’s hard out there. Sometimes it feels like the world is ripping apart at the seams. Sometimes it feels like your heart can’t take anymore hurt. But no matter what the world throws at you – anxiety,  fear, confusion,  temptation – you have a choice on how to respond. You can choose –”

Cutting off the preacher’s message about choosing life, she changed the channel to another one.

She had no time for unnecessary sermons, She hissed.

Readjusting herself on the sofa she had sank herself into, she picked up the fabric she was knitting earlier from the side table, and continued with it.

Knitting – one of the many things she enjoyed doing. The period spent knitting always give her time to reminisce about the past. It do bring her closer to her mother. Her dead mother. Her mother had taught her how to knit when she was just but a little girl. They would sit together and watch movies as they knit. And like that,  she fell in love with knitting. She had always been a mummy’s girl, until everything changed. And even now, she remained a mummy’s girl at heart.

She wished it never happened. Because she would have done more than she was capable of now, would have saw more and been more than what she already was. She wouldn’t be thinking in the deepest part of her mind when her next breakdown will happen, or if every mood swing of hers related back to her depression.

“I hate my life.” She mumbled sadly. “I hate me.”

“Life is just life. Nothing more.” She said reflectively.

Turning away from the show she was watching, she gazed rather absentmindedly at the window. Suddenly, a bright light from afar caught her attention. She stood up and padded to the window so as to get a clearer look. She couldn’t decipher where the light was coming from exactly, she therefore focused on its brightness and marveled at it.

Suddenly, she heard a voice so clear, calm and loud saying to her: “You will burn so bright just like that bright light. The darkest sky won’t be able to stop you.”

Stunned and surprised, she stood shocked out of her wits for a long while before regaining herself back.

“What was that?” She asked rhetorically. “Was that you, Doyin?” She called out fearfully.

“There is no one here with me, I believe.” She said exasperatedly.

Trying hard to reason what she heard, she couldn’t relate it with anything and that got her more confused.

“No too reason am Ivy. Forget am.”  She said, giving herself a pep talk.

But still, the words kept on repeating themselves in her head as if being re-echoed.

“How ordinary light con relate with burning bright?” She asked dramatically.

“I dey worry myself sef. Hin fit be na from that movie dem talk am.” She said assuredly.

Yet her subconscious countered it.

“Anyhow sha.” She shrugged.

“Ehn, na from the movie. Who go dey follow me talk wen no one dey here?”

Sinking herself into the sofa once again, she continued with her knitting and brushed aside the incident like it never happened.

“What’s to be done next?” She asked herself.

For that day, she had nothing much planned. She only had to meet a client at the Shark – the newly opened restaurant. And with that, she was very confident of the fact that she sure wouldn’t come back empty-handed.

* * *

She had been waiting for the past thirty minutes, glancing up every seconds at the sound of the door opening. She feared having to experience the one thing she hated most – being stood up. She wouldn’t do that to a man!

Picking up her phone, she scrolled through all her social media accounts, checking her news feed as she whiled away time with that. Some minutes later, she checked the time – 45 minutes. Now, she was feeling so embarassed already. It felt as if all eyes were on her – the young lady who had been sitting alone since, and had only had a glass of water.

Contemplating on whether to leave or await her client’s arrival a bit longer, she decided on surveying the restaurant. Scanning through the many people that occupied the space, her gaze landed on a young handsome man who sat at an extreme far end of the dining room. Just like her, he had no company. Watching him from her seat, she could see his lips moving which indicated that he was mumbling some words to himself.

She didn’t know what it was, she just felt a sudden pull towards the man. It was unexplainable. Feeling the urge to approach him, she made to stand up, but just then she heard a voice by her side.

“You must be Ivy, right?” The person asked.

She looked up to find a man all dressed up in business attire. His suit was personally tailored, her guess some expensive brand.

“Yes. And you must be Mr. Coker?” She was pleased with how her voice came out, it sounded calm and confident.

“I am.” He affirmed as he took his seat. “I’m really sorry for keeping you waiting for this long. Accept my apology.” The man said.

“It’s okay, things like that do happen.” She replied cheerily.

“Thanks for understanding.” He said, smiling his thanks at her. “We won’t be dining here anyway, I made a reservation at the right extreme end.”

Staring off towards where he indicated, it happened to be around where the young man from earlier sat. Gracefully, she pulled herself up from her seat. “Let’s get going then.”

“Right after you, Miss.”

Sending him a smile, she made her way towards their reserved area. As she passed by the young man, she stole a last quick glance at him. From his mumbled words, all she could made out was: “ That bright light is He who comes in the name of…”

* * *

“I’ll just come straight to the main point, I’m not here to dine and wine with you.” Erica said, coming off rude than she’d intended.

Dennis looked at her like she was high on something, wondering where her confidence came from. He wasn’t expecting her to that harsh. But honestly, he hardly knew her. Waving off the waiter who had dropped by to take their order, he nodded at her to continue.

“We both know the reality of this relationship. The text you sent wasn’t a drunken mistake, so there is no need for you to feed me more lies.”

As soon as those words left her mouth, he felt the anger winding up in him. He gave off no emotion whatsoever, leaning back more into his seat.

“I agree even I was not perfect, but your actions were not justified. I don’t hate you. No, I couldn’t if I wanted to. I just hate all the hurt that you put me through. And that I blame myself for letting you.”

“What are you talking about?” He asked with raised eyebrows.

“Oh, I guess sharp and blunt is what you want. Let’s play it your way, Mr. Durojaye.” She smirked, pulling herself closer to him.

She called him by his surname, and not his name. He was shocked. She had never done that, and he wondered what she was playing at.

“What’s the time by the way?” She asked with clear mischief. “Let’s see.” She pulled out her phone to check the time.

“Yeah. We’ve spent like 10 minutes here. In some minutes time, you’re gonna receive an important business call, leaving me to enjoy this damn date all by myself. So pathetic, right? You’re so high up on your high horse to spend more than ten minutes with me.” She smiled sarcastically.

Shocked at her words, he tried his best to pull off an innocent face. Was he that obvious? He had no idea.

Setting her arms on the wood surface, she raised her chin.

“Surprised?” She laughed bitterly. “I wasn’t that dumb. You had me as a fool for a long time, and I played that card well.” She said, facepalming herself. “

“I’m sorry, okay?” She said, letting out a deep sigh. “I’m sorry I’m not all the things that you want and all the things that you thought I would be. I’m sorry I’m not like your type of woman, and for not being someone you’re used to. And I’m sorry for having wasted your time.”

“And I’ll say thank you too. For giving me the courage to change, the need to sort out the unwanted things and people from my life. In your own ways, you helped me to find my worth. You deserve someone better. Someone better than me. I guess I’m something brand new you’ve never seen. So, thank you.” She said, clasping her hands together.

More importantly, she was back with her first love. He never approved of her relationship with Dennis, but she went on stubbornly, edging completely away from Him. She remembered her cries last night, her pleas for mercy. But all along, He had been waiting for her. He had accepted her back with opened arms. Her brokenness brought her back to Him, and she wouldn’t trade Him for anything this time around.

“This is where we part ways. Guess we were never meant to be.” She said sadly, slowly shaking her head.

Reaching into her purse, she pulled out a business card and slid it over to him.

“I know how bad you want that contract. Call up the number. Consider it a parting gift.”

Her eyes were filled with tears, she do not dare to look in his direction as she knew if she did, she would not be able to hold those tears anymore.

He said nothing. She swallowed a lump and glanced briefly at him, as tears were threatening to spill. He kept on looking at her with an expressionless face. She waited for him to say something, but he said nothing. There was just an unbearable silence between them. She wanted to scream at him to say something, or at least show some emotions. But she felt the urge not to. Not wanting to break down in his presence, she grabbed her things and stood up.

“And Dennis? Your future woman, do treat her well. Love and cherish her. Value her, please.” She pleaded. “Do well for yourself. Goodbye.” She sent him a weak smile and walked out of the restaurant.

Dennis watched as she walked off, until her retreating figure was out of his view. He whispered goodbye as a tear dropped from his eye.

To be continued…

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Dear Me… With Love, Ivy.

Episode 4.

“Come out o. Come out. Ashawo, come out.” The lady shouted, clapping her hands repeatedly as she paced desperately at Ivy’s doorstep.

One after the other, the girls started coming out of their rooms, gathering round the lady, whispering and murmuring as they waited expectantly for the scene that will soon unfold.

“Come out o, ashawo. If hin sure for una, come out now.” The lady shouted again, banging unceasingly on Ivy’s door.

“Una dey fear abi? You no fit face me? I no go commot if una no come out. I dey wait o.”

By then, most of the girls were already guessing what could had happened, as they whispered to themselves in low tones.

“Wetin dey shele for here?” Doyinsola, one of Madam Iris’s favourite asked angrily, as she approached where they gathered. The loud shouts and persistent door banging had woken her up from her sleep, which made her set out angrily to find out what caused the noise.

The girls cleared the way for her as she finally reached their side.

“You no fit talk?” She yelled, about to lose her temper.

“Tell that ashawo, Ivy or wetin be her name, to come out.” The lady said directly to Doyinsola.

“Wetin this one dey talk bayi?” Doyinsola snapped.

The girls laughter rang out loudly.

“I no dey joke oh. I get matter to settle with her.”

“Ta le leyi? Wetin you wan do with Ivy?” Moyo asked with pure disdain.

“I no get time for your questions. Just…”

Before she could complete her sentence, Doyinsola slapped her hard across the face.

“Na me you dey follow talk laidat. E ma gbami oh.” Doyinsola said angrily, clapping her hands.

The lady made to reply as she fumed angrily, but Doyinsola cut her off.

“Wait sef. Shey no be the new girl be this ni? Eva or wetin dem name you?”

“Her name is Eva.” A girl affirmed.

“Oshey jhare.” Doyinsola said to the girl.

“You get mind oh, babe.” She sneered. “ You con bring your broomstick body con meet Ivy. You sabi who she be for this yard?”

Without hesitating, Eva fired back at her. “Who is she? If she get mind, mak she con face me herself. Abi shey na you be her mouthpiece?”

Doyinsola made to launch at her, but a door opening stopped her. And there stood Ivy, so calm and collected. At her presence, all the whispers and murmurs stopped. Even Doyinsola edged closer to her side. Glancing round, her gaze met that of Eva, who stared hard back at her. She gave Eva a tight smile and walked to where she stood.

Quickly and as if well-calculated, Eva swung her hand to slap Ivy, but having seen it coming, Ivy held her hand before it could smack her.

“Chill babe.” She smirked at Eva. “Why this act nah?”

Eva snatched her hand away from Ivy’s hold, glaring daggers at her.

“If na cat- fight you wan fight, I don’t do such.” Ivy stated, raising her hands in mock surrender.

“You just dey waste your time, Eva. Ivy no go fight.” One of the girls said annoyingly.

Realizing that fact, Eva calmed down a bit.

“Why una con thief my client na? Na from him I dey profit most. Hin no fresh, babe.”

Laughing out loud, Ivy replied her. “You be newbie, abi? I fit see am for your body.” She paused, taking a quick scan of the girls. “Tell me, who Ivy be for this yard?”

As if they were expecting the question, they all chorused, hailing her, “Ivy be the mamosh!”

“Who Ivy be for this yard?” She asked again.

 “Mamosh!” They hailed.

“So babe, I no dey thief client, okay? I hand-pick any.” She smirked.


“Come off it jhoor.” Doyinsola snapped at her. “You’d better get used to the order here. Hin no fit change.”

“Oshey jhare.” Ivy smiled at her, giving her a high-five.

“I don’t bark nor bite Eva,” Ivy said, stalking closer to her intimidatingly, “but I can do worse than that. There had better be no repeat of this.”

Eva looked so terrified that she could voice out no reply.

“Know your place and you will enjoy your stay here.”

With a flip of her finger, she indicated that she was done. Doyinsola followed after her as she made her way to her room.

At her exit, the girls dispersed, each throwing one or two comments at Eva as they passed her by.

. . .

“I’m at the building now – just getting out of my car.” Erica said to the person on the other line, her phone placed firmly against her left ear. Wasting no time, she picked up her handbag, got out of her car and locked it up.

Existing the parking lot, she set her pace towards the building, still on the phone.

“– oh, are you the lady in black standing at the entrance?”

“You are the one, right? – Alright – surprisingly enough, I’m clothed in black as well – I’ll cut the call now.”

* * *

Tina Adeosun watched the approaching figure mouth-agaped. Big glossy brown eyes stared at her nervously. She was the epitome of beautiful…dark and beautiful. Her big brown eyes were shiny that she swore she could see her reflection in them. Her long brown hair pulled to one side of her shoulders in bouncy waves of curls, her skin glowing, and her make-up was absolutely flawless. She was wearing a black pencil dress that clung to her so perfectly and black louboutin. She looked gorgeous.

Tina had always being one to appreciate beauty whenever she sighted one. But this struck her.

Recovering from her speechless state, her lips stretched into a beautiful smile, flashing her perfectly lined white teeth.

“Hi!” She chirped cheerily.

“Hi.” The lady replied hesitantly and flashed a smile of her own, even though hers was no where compared to Tina’s.

“You must be Erica?” Tina asked in a sweet tone.

“Yes. Edith-Erica Adeoye.”

Closing the space between them, Tina pulled her into a warm embrace.

“I’m Tina Adeosun. It’s nice meeting you. You’re really beautiful, Erica.”

Erica smiled her thanks. “I wouldn’t call you a plain Jane either.”

“Your comment just made my day.” Tina said happily. “Your doofus of a brother should have told me about you earlier, but no, he will always be Edward.”

Erica grinned widely, “You must be really close to my brother.”

“Best friends.” She beamed. “I’m kinda annoyed with him about just knowing you, though.”

“Well, we’ve met now and I like you already. Does that make you feel better?”

“Yeah yeah. Friends?” Tina asked cheerily.

Erica smiled sweetly at her, “Let’s see.”

Taking no offense to her reply, Tina nodded.

“I shouldn’t keep you standing out here, let’s go in.”

Together, they walked inside the building and took an elevator to Tina’s office floor. After saying their hellos to Tina’s secretary, they went into her office.

Admiringly, Erica took in every details of Tina’s office. Her office was full of warm tones. The walls were pastel yellow, there was a giant brown bookcase filled with books. There were artworks displayed on the walls and three comfy chairs in the room along with her desk.

“I can feel the warmth in here.” Erica said nicely.

“Glad you love it. Have your seat please.” Tina said in reply.

“Oh. Thanks.”

“What would you like to have?”

“Water will do. Thanks.”

“You sure?” Tina asked.


Tina picked out a bottled water from the mini fridge, placed it on a tray with a glass cup and set it before her. She then went to make herself a cup of coffee before taking her seat beside her.

“Can you trust me?” Tina asked out of the blues.

Erica raised an eyebrow at her, “Why that?”

Tina chuckled. “Don’t be surprised. I guess Edward didn’t tell you much about me.”

She took a sip from her mug. “After getting my client to be comfortable around me, I don’t waste time anymore.”

“Oh… So you believe that I’m comfortable around you already?” Erica deadpanned.

“Are you not?” Tina smiled.

“No… oh…Yes, I am.” Erica replied, stumbling over her words.

“I know.” Tina said, raising her mug cup to her lips again. “You relaxed when I hugged you. The tension had worn off since then.” She said casually.

Erica opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out.


“It’s my job. I’m your therapist, don’t forget.”

Erica smiled. “It’s just that…you have this aura around you that screams calm and warmth. Maybe that was why I warmed up to you easily.”

At her words, Tina cooed childishly, covering her face with her palms.

“You know why I asked that question when I should had rather asked about your details?”

Erica shook her head in the negative.

“Because along the way I will get to know. But for now, I need to know you – the real you, and you need to know as well. And to get to that, you have to be able to trust me.”

“I guess you’re saying that all you need is the inner definition of me, right?


“Well, I believe I can trust you.”

Tina smiled, “That’s a step forward for us.”

“I trust you.” She reframed.

Tina clasped her hands together, grinning widely. “We can start our talk then.”

“But it’s okay if you’re not ready for any serious discussion yet. We can just get to knowing more about each other.” She added.

“I’m ready. I don’t want these pent-up emotions anymore.”

“Alright. So, how do you feel?”

Hesitating and swallowing words after words, Erica kept on glancing at her nervously.

“Can I do this?” She asked in a whisper.

Catching her words, Tina scotted closer to her.

“Hey, look at me Erica.” She implored gently.

Erica raised her head and fixed her gaze on her.

“You can. I’m ready to listen. I won’t blame or judge you for anything. Don’t back out now, please.”

“I’m not used to telling others how I feel.” She shrugged.

“Let’s make this a first then.”

“I won’t appreciate a pity party.” She mumbled.

Tina smiled. “I won’t.”

She kept on looking at Erica, silently pleading with her.

“I feel lost, like I don’t know what is true anymore, including myself.”

Tina breathed out, “Okay?”

As if propelled by something unknown, she continued.

“I don’t find happiness in myself.” She said sadly.

“This thing inside my head convinces me that I can be surrounded by millions of people and still feel like I am the only one on earth, and when I am alone, I’m too alone. And the worst part is that it comes at random. I can feel the best one minute, and something can tip the scales – it can be anything – and then I’m sucked in a dark abyss, moving through life without so much as feeling. I feel too much. I become too much. And then I have to pretend like it doesn’t affect me.” She paused to catch her breathe.

“I hate myself sometimes.”

Tina kept on listening silently, noting some things in her notepad.

“I don’t know who I am anymore. I doubt if I had ever known.” She said sorrowfully. “For years, there had been something wrong with me, and I can’t let it go. All I do now is to bask in nothing – to bask in my emptiness.”

“Basking in nothing.” Tina said thoughtfully. “A lot has happened, right?”

“More than a lot.”

“Do you know since when?”

“It’s been a consistent battle since the age of nine – maybe even younger – where I felt like I had no one to go to.”

“And no one knew of these feelings?”

“No one really.”

“Not even your parents?”

She gave a bitter laugh. “They might have contributed in some ways to my situation.”

Tina nodded. “And your friends?”

The closest emotion that came to her was pain. “I have no friends, I’m an alone person. A little bit boring, and not very easy to interact with. I know many people, but I’m not close to anyone enough to call such person a friend.” She sighed. “My brother is my only friend, and you also.”

Tina’s smile was immediate.

“I’m by your side now. With God, all these too shall pass – everything will soon be a thing of the past.”

“I hope so.” Erica mumbled.

“Thanks for opening up, Erica. It means a lot.”

Erica laughed, and for some while, Tina was lost in that sweet sound.

“Don’t thank me yet. What will happen by the time you get to know everything, and I mean, everything?” Erica said, with an air-quote on ‘everything’.

Tina joined in the laughter as well. “But still, everything starts from here.”

“Yeah. Who says therapy and counselling sessions are that easy?”

“I can relate dear. Easy, isn’t a word for it, both for the therapist and the person undergoing the therapy. But so far, it’s been God all the way.”

“You won’t even strike one as a therapist on a first meet.” Erica commented.

Tina grinned widely. “I’ve been told that many times. It’s the deal for me though, I can’t imagine myself doing something else. My work is my bliss.”

“That’s great.”

“Yeah.” Tina affirmed.

“Edward told me you just got back from your NYSC service.”

“Right. That was two months back.”

“You must be really young then. Young and beautiful.” Tina complimented.

“I guess. I’m 22.” Erica replied, smiling.

Tina eyes gleamed with joy. “Twenty-two? Our ages are close then. I’m two years older.”

Smiling widely, Erica said, “So lucky of me to have an older friend then.”

“I should let you leave now. I’ve taken enough of your time for today. It was nice meeting you, Erica.” Tina said as they stood up.

“Oh, it’s the other way round, I took your time.” Erica countered. “And it was nice meeting you as well.”

“We should meet again on Saturday.”

“Yeah, Saturday will be okay. By what time?”

“Will 12 noon do?”

“Right. I have nothing planned for Saturday.”

“Okay then. Till later.”

“And Tina?” Erica called.

The other lady fixed her gaze on her.

“I keep thinking about what every other person might be thinking about me. I don’t approve of myself, but live on other people’s approval of me. And I’m so overly self-conscious and self-doubting. My worth… I don’t know what to do.”

Tina gently placed her hands on her shoulder. “Erica, your worth isn’t defined by the opinions of others. Who you are isn’t defined by what they see. You know you deserve better because you are better, and if anyone tried to tell you that you’re not enough, then know that you are enough to many people out there. You are enough to God.”

“And if that person can’t see you for who you really are, then it’s their loss. It shouldn’t change anything about you.” She added.

“Thank you, Tina.”

They hugged each other warmly and Tina escorted Erica to the exit before returning to her office.

I guess I’m well on my way to becoming who my inner person wants to be. I hope I meet her soon. Erica thought within herself happily.

“Just like you, she is basking in nothing as well. We have to turn your emptiness into fullness.”

As she gently whispered “As you will, Lord” in her heart, she couldn’t help but wonder who it could be.

To be continued…

Dear Me… With Love, Ivy.

Episode 3.

“And I’m happy about this. It’s just that…” she trailed off. “I’m pained about having wasted three years with that guy.”

“He messed me up – real bad. Being with him did more harm to my mental health. He said a lot. That I added no value to his life. His words were harsh and hurtful. And I felt so sad, so worthless, and so tired of everyone and everything.”

She paused to catch a breath, while Edward nodded at her encouragingly.

“It had all been me faking happiness, smiles and joy, presenting myself to people like all was going on well with me, while actually, I’d been wearing off from within. All I feel now is emptiness. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Edward heaved out as she kept on sobbing. He knew best not to console her, but to let her cry it all out. He knew she would cease her crying. And that was what she did some minutes after. Wiping her tears with an handkerchief he had handed to her, she stopped her sniffs and looked up to him.

“I’m pathetic, right?” She asked in a whisper.

He smiled at her, pulling her into his arms. “You are not. It’s okay to cry.”

It was silent afterwards. They sat in silence, without any utterance from any. For that moment, the silence was enough. It communicated Erica’s pains, sorrows, feelings and thoughts to Edward, and the same way, it communicated Edward’s love, concern, thoughts and unshed tears to Erica. The silence was a voice on its own. They understood it well. And it was enough. It had always been enough for them.

“What I need now is a break. No more tears on any other person. I need no one to make me feel worthless anymore, my mental health is more important.” She said.

“It’s for the best, I believe.”


“Erica?” He called, heading towards his table.


“I’m really sorry about having nothing to say to this.” He said.

“No need for that.” She smiled at him. “You made a great listener. Thank you.”

He nodded, then picked up a card from his table and handed it to her. “What do you have to say to that?”

With a quick glance at the card, she raised an eyebrow at him questioningly, “A shrink?”

He shrugged, “She is a friend of mine. She can help.”

Leaning more into her seat, she tapped a finger repeatedly on her chin. “You do trust her?”

“Yeah. I wouldn’t have recommended someone I do not.”

“If you want it, let me know. I’ll give her a call.”

Without more words, she smiled her thanks at him.

* * *

Once she got home, she tossed her flats into the shoe closet and set her bag on the dining table. Grabbing a pie, she took a minute to collect herself before heading to her room. The bed was a huge no-no, since the minute her body hit the mattress, she knew she’d be out like a light. With care, she maneuvered around the space. First things first, check emails. Her laptop took a minute or two to start up, but once it did, it was smooth sailing.

She started sifting through the pile, deleting and replying. Then she came across one that left her blood cold. Her fingers trembled and a bead of sweet trailed down the base of her neck. She read and reread the writing in the sender box.

Dennis Durojaye.

The English language was seriously lacking at that moment. There was no specific word to describe the atrocious mixture of pure rage and confusion swirling around in her brain. She might not be sure what her stance was on the email Dennis decided to dump into her inbox, but she knew one thing – it wasn’t needed. Not by her, at least.

She sighed and slumped lower into her chair. As much as she tried not to, her eyes skimmed across the text on her screen once again.

– The text message was a drunken mistake, Erica. It meant nothing, please. –

All she wanted to do was to press the delete button, but what held her back from doing just that, she couldn’t fathom. The next thing she knew, she found herself typing a reply to him.

– An email? You should have sent another text like you did earlier. –

His reply was immediate. Desperate much? She scoffed.

– I can explain babe. Can we meet up please? –

The nerve of him! She groaned, her eyes flashing with anger.

She hesitated for some while, her fingers hovering over the keyboard.

– We’re done, Dennis. Your explanation won’t be needed. –

She read her reply once again, about to hit on the send button. Then for some reasons, she backspaced all she had typed.

A smug smile found it way across her face. With a quick move, she picked up her phone and pressed dial on his number. He answered at the first ring.


“The Shark. 7:00pm tomorrow. Don’t worry about being stood up, I won’t.”

* * *

“Yesss!” Dennis screamed, flinging his phone carelessly on his bed.

His flatmate looked up at him questioningly.

“In two days time, I’m gonna get that big contract, bruv.” He said happily.

“Wawu. How will you do that?” His flatmate asked, his voice laced with sarcasm.

Dennis laughed. “I own the ace.”


“You got that right, TK.” Dennis replied with a smirk.

“You’re still using that girl?” TK scoffed.

“Oh, yes. I planned on popping her v-card before discarding her.”

“You disgust me sometimes guy.” TK said with pure disapproval. “You never liked her?”

“I never said I didn’t.” Dennis replied defensively. “But I happened to like her father’s money and connections much more better.”

“The poor lady did you no bad, D.” TK said in Erica’s defense.

Dennis glared at him, “Her soon-to-be broken heart is gonna need some ice-cream and chocolates. I bet you’ll be the perfect shoulder for her to cry on.”

TK glared back at him irritatedly, then flipped him off.

Dear Me… With Love, Ivy.

Episode 2.

It began on that day where an ordinary text message played a critical part in the outcome of her life and everyone else.

She had rolled out of her more-than-comfortable bed in the morning with high ambitions. She had no definite plan for the day, yet she believed it would be a great one. But after she had read the text, all that her mind could comprehend was for her not to turn to an emotional mess.

She took a shower and completed her morning routine in record time. After she got dressed in a skinny blue jeans that had turned tight for her lately, she pulled out her favourite wool jumper.

With a quick glance at the clock, she assumed that her brother would be awake by then. Holding on to a milk chocolate packet, she let herself out of her apartment.

His front door was left unlocked. Reminding herself to chastise him on that, she let herself in and made her way to his office. Carefully, she tapped her knuckles against the door. From the other side, she heard a muffled response which she could only guess as come in, so she did. She gingerly pushed open the door and shuffled in.

Edward’s office was a pretty standard work space. A small room with a heavy desk to the left piled with stacks of papers and two monitors, and several plush seats on the right. The back wall was a floor to ceiling built-in bookshelf decked with all variety of literature.

Her favourite part, however, was the small bay window to the right, with soft white curtains hanging loosely above the blue cushion.

Edward was at his desk, hunched over the keyboard. She rounded the table to stand directly in front of him. His fingers were folded and perched against his lip, chin resting on his palm. Taking up a majority of his face were black thick rimmed glasses.

“Your front door was left unlocked. I could have been a burglar.” She said.

He looked up then with a grin, “You will make a pretty burglar then.”

She scoffed at him. “Stop using your petty lines with me. I’m your sister, not one of your girls.”

He faked a hurt gasp, then smiled at her. “Morning Erica.”

“Good morning.” She relaxed into the seat across his desk, bringing her knees up to her chest. Edward shifted in his spot, then glided to the bookshelf and picked up a thick text from the Christian fiction selection.

“‘Complete’ by Goodness Adegbola. You should have it.” He said, as he held it out to her.

“Nice cover.” She commented, flipping through the pages. “Are you planning on writing a review of it?”

“Yes. I learnt a lot from the novel, and those lessons shouldn’t be kept to myself alone.”

She nodded in support, then gently placed the book by her side.

“Have you made anything this morning? I’m really hungry.”

“That is something with you.” He chuckled, referring to the packet in her hand.

“Chocolates is real food to you abi?” She asked him with a frown.” Answer me jhoor.”

He laughed at her impatience. “Alright, I made pancakes, but it should be cold by now. “

“Who cares?” She snorted, then made her way out.

“Should I bring you a plate?” She called out to him.

“Thanks. A glass of smoothie will do.” He replied.

She returned some minutes after, a tray in hand.

“Here, strawberry and lemon smoothie.”

“Thanks.” He said, taking a little sip.

She settled back into her seat, balancing the tray on her lap with care.

“Is everything alright?”

She raised an eyebrow at him questioningly. “Yeah – Sure.” She replied.

“We chatted late into the night yesterday and you gave off nothing. Whatever it is must have happened this morning.”

She gulped. “What are you talking about?”

“Come on Erica. I know you better than anyone else. I mean, you showed up here this early. Something must be wrong.” He replied.

“So, I can’t just decide to pay you a visit?” She chuckled. “I’m hurt, brother mine.”


“Yes, Edward?”

“Are you okay?” He asked with concern.

“I don’t need a pity party.” She mumbled.

Her face fell and her expression reflected only pain, with nothing else. She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. She tried hard to keep her cool, all the while fiddling with her fingers.

“Nothing is okay.” She sighed. “I’m confused, alright? I feel so empty. I don’t even understand anything anymore. I feel nothing now. I’m just numb.”

Edward quietly stood up from his seat and walked over to her side. “Can you trust me enough to tell me what it is?” He asked gently, placing a hand on her shoulder.

“Dennis.” She croaked. “He broke up with me over a text message. Three years, Edward!” She cried.

“Okay, calm down.” Edward pacified. “Have you reached out to him?”

She looked at him as if saying, “You didn’t mean that, right?”

“It’s of no use.” She shrugged. “I should have been the one to end things, guess I never had the courage to.”

Looking back now, she realized that she should had never started anything with Dennis. But then, she was at her lowest when she met him. Her father was putting so much pressure on her, and Dennis being Dennis, his sweet words got her hooked. Since he showered her with all the love and affections she so much wished for from her father, she wasted no time in saying yes when he finally asked her to be his girlfriend.

Times spent with him started replaying themselves in her mind. She remembered the first time she baked for him.

“You can’t make a living out of this, you know?” He said, as he took a bite out of the custard cookie in his hand. “You bake like shit.” He scoffed.

His words hurt her, but she masked it off quickly with a smile. That was the last time she ever baked, despite her brother’s constant nagging.

The first day he took her along with him on an outing with his friends also flashed quickly across her mind.

“You are so weird, Erica. So strange!” He yelled at her after they’d left the place. “You couldn’t even flow with the conversations. I had no idea that I signed up for a girlfriend who is only good at embarrassing me.” He huffed. “I wonder what I’m doing with you, you’re so socially awkward.”

He never asked her out for any outing again. When she challenged him about it, his reply was unexpected.

“Take a look at yourself.” He scoffed. “Have you seen my friends’ girlfriends? You’re nothing compared to them. I don’t want to be the butt of jokes because of you. You are too slim, and we all like our girls thick.”

Having had enough of him, she retorted, “Then why are you with me?”

“I should ask myself that too. But I like you.”

To be approved by him and his friends, she started stuffing herself with foods, eating at odd hours and excessively. And no, she added no weight. Mother nature was a real bitch to her.

At any chance, he made sure to always take a jab at her.

“With all your father’s money, can’t you dress well? No one would believe that you are the great Tayo Adeyi’s only daughter if you keep on dressing this way.”

And on and on, until her self-worth was reduced to almost nothing.

To be continued…

Dear Me… With Love, Ivy.

Episode 1.


Was that a yell or a scream? She had no idea. Maybe another Ivy, right? It was too early for her name to be heard. With that, she pulled her blanket more tightly over her head.

“Ivy!” Moyo called more loudly as she took two steps at a time.

Clearly impatient, she pulled open Ivy’s door and walked in, banging the door loudly at her behind. Still that did nothing in waking up the sleeping figure.

“Who the hell sleeps till 11:00am?” She mumbled.

“Ivy,” She called again. The only response she got was a tiny purr.

Sighly loudly, she roughly shook the body awake.

“Heyyyy.” Ivy mumbled. “That was no nice way to wake up a princess.” She protested.

“It’s almost noon, idiot.”

“Still, I hate mornings!” Ivy groaned.

“See ehn, I know you love your sleep, but I seriously need your help.” Moyo rushed out, settling herself into the bed.

“That serious that it couldn’t wait? I was having this so intense dream.” Ivy whined.

“Seriously, Ivy?”

“Five minutes.”

Moyo watched irritatedly as her friend covered up herself.

“I’m pregnant, Ivy.”

Whether she heard or not, the other girl gave no reaction of any such.


“What Moyo?” She groaned, her head popping up from underneath the blanket.

“I’m pregnant.”

“Then sort it out yourself. Last time I checked, I wasn’t the one who impregnated you.” She snapped.

Moyo’s eyes widened at Ivy’s outburst. Not ready to take any shit from her, she fired back, “What’s got your pants so twisted this morning, huh?”

“You woke me up from my damn so sweet sleep, only to give me some shitty news of your pregnancy. And that’s even if you know the father this time around.” Ivy said angrily.

“Wow. Low blow, Ivy.” Moyo stared hard at her, folding her arms across her chest before retorting, “I’m not having that from you. You are not much of a saint either, you know?”

“At least, I have mine wrapped up all good. But you?” Ivy glared back at her. “All you do is to get knocked up every damn time. This is your fourth? Fifth?” She let out a mocking laugh. “Geez, I’ve even lost counts.”

“How could you be so stupid, Moyo?” She added irritatedly.

“Not funny, Ivy. I’m not stupid.” Moyo rolled her eyes exasperatedly.

“You can just go for another abortion.” On a second thought she added, “Madam Iris must not know you know?”

“That was the help I needed from you dumbass.”

“To help you abort a baby?” Ivy asked, her voice going a pitch higher. “Hell, no! I won’t have an unformed figure haunting me. So sorry, but no!”

“I won’t be having an abortion.” Moyo chuckled. “I’m keeping this one.”

Ivy’s lips failed her at that moment, as they refused to move. “I give up,” She sighed dramatically. “My friend clearly is insane.”

Moyo laughed, a little bit forced.

“I live in a brothel, alright? Which is no environment to birth or raise a child. And I know what Madam Iris’s reaction would be to this news. I should be freaking out now, cause I know next to nothing about motherhood. And as much as I hate to admit this last fact, I know that my unborn child won’t have a father figure in their life. So…?” She said sadly.

“I understand your worries, even without you voicing out any word. Still, I want this baby.”

Tears threatened to fall off from her eyes, but she masked it off pretty quickly.

Ivy stared at her friend sadly. She knew Moyo didn’t have a good upbringing. She wasn’t raised to be strong or independent. She was raised to be frail and submissive. But circumstances taught her to be strong and brave. And from her words, she knew she wasn’t just keeping the pregnancy out of guilt.

“Well, I don’t want you to be like me. I want you to be strong, confident and independent. To create a better version of yourself off that baby. Just follow your heart, it will always lead you aright.” She said with a broad smile.

“So?” Moyo asked nervously.

“You’ll be leaving tonight. Leave Madam Iris to me.”

“Seriously?” Moyo squealed happily. “Thanks, b.”

Ivy scoffed at her use of the alphabet ‘b’. Affectionate words don’t go down well with her. Not at all.

“Mind you, I’m not doing it for you. It’s for your little one. She deserves a chance at life.”

Moyo teared up then. “A ‘she’?” She whispered amidst sobs.

“Now the hormones are working.” Ivy groaned. “Honestly, what’s it with pregnant women?”

They both laughed at that.

“Are you really doing this for me?”

Ivy nodded. She knew convincing Madam Iris would not be a hard nut to crack. She only had to offer up herself till a replacement would be found for Moyo. It would be a sacrifice worth making.

“Yeah, we’re friends afterall.” She grinned. “I will work your hours with mine.”

“She is a real bitch.” Moyo said grimly.

“I know right?” Ivy chuckled.

Moyo smiled her thanks. “I can’t thank you enough.” She gushed out, rushing off to her side to engulf her in a hug.

“Yeah, yeah. Meet the incredible Ivy. She’s so nice, right?” Ivy said drily. “Now get off me, I hate hugs. Arrrgh!”

“Doofus!” Moyo laughed, as she gave a light smack to her back.

“I am scared. I don’t want you to leave. But I don’t have a choice here. You have to leave – to create a better life for your baby. I don’t want to lose anyone anymore.” Her voice trembled.

Moyo was surprised by her confession. That was a first. She knew she was someone who never admitted or showed anyone her doubts and fears. She was glad she was opening up to her.

“People complain too much about their lives, yet when they have the chance to do something about it, they don’t.” She said thoughtfully. “We can leave together, Ivy. This life is not cut off for us.”

Ivy laughed. A bitter laugh.

“We are different, Moyo. This is my own life. It can’t be changed.”

Moyo scoffed. “This is no life, babe. Don’t you wish to live the way you want?”

“This is my life.” Ivy snapped.

If only she knew that Ivy hoped to be just Ivy.

“Well, I guess this is my cue to leave.” Moyo said nervously, as she clambered off the bed.

“Hol’ up. I have something for you.”

She leaned towards the bedside table, pulled out the second drawer, then took out a big black purse.

“This is for you.” She said, as she handed it carefully to Moyo. “Coupled with what you have, it should be enough to get you started wherever you moved to.”

“You don’t have to – ” Moyo started to protest.

“It’s nothing, honestly.”

Moyo opened the purse and gasped loudly.

“How much, Ivy?”

Ivy started scratching her neck nervously. “It’s nothing much.”

“I know it’s nothing much, but I need an exact figure to these.” Moyo said, in an almost scream.

“I don’t know, okay? But it sure exceeds an hundred.”

“Thank you.” Moyo breathed out, as she threw herself at her once again.

Ivy laughed nervously. “It’s just a little…”

“It means a lot to us.” Moyo smiled appreciatively, rubbing her little bump as well.

“I’m also sorry for going off on you earlier. It was petty of me. And I hope you will forgive me for my words.”

Moyo waved it off. “I woke you up from your sleep, knowing how much you hated that.”

“And I don’t know,” She continued hesitantly, then reached around her neck, and pulled off a neckchain with a locket. “A present from me to her. There’s a golden inscription in the locket.”

Moyo’s hands flew up to her mouth, as she choked back a sob. “Ivy,” She rasped out.

“This is not goodbye. The future holds a lot for us, I believe.” Moyo said, wiping off tears from her face.

“The future?” Ivy shrugged with a grim expression. “I don’t picture the future. It’s fickle. It never pans out the way we hope.”

Moyo glared at her. “Be optimistic some times, huh?”

“Duhh… You can ask life why it had always been so cruel to me?”

Moyo smiled. “Still, thank you. For everything.”

“Geez. Friends don’t say thanks. Now stop the waterworks. It sucks.”

“Okay. Okay.” Moyo sniffed, wiping off her tears.

“You being a crying mess is not a beautiful sight at all.” Ivy laughed.

“You should get packing. Wait up, okay?” Ivy sent her a smirk, then walked out.

Moyo smiled happily, and mouthed as she gently rubbed her baby bump. “That is Ivy. She is not as tough as she looks. Her toughness is only a shield. She has been through a lot and seen a lot that she shouldn’t have seen. She keeps it all inside and hides it with her tough attitude, but on the inside, she is a kind soul.”

She had always admired Ivy and had wanted to be like her. She walked with confidence and had an aura that demanded respect. Not to speak of her beauty, that girl sure do turn heads. Her life might be a mess. But to Moyo, she was a beautiful mess.

The neckchain took that time to slip off her hand. As she bent to pick it up, the locket flew open. A simple message in a golden inscription stared at her. “When life gets out of tune, sing anyway.”

A broad smile appeared easily on her face. Well, what other perfect gift would a little girl had wished for from her godmother.

To be continued…