For Crying Out Loud Don’t Die, Wake Up!

I am “yelling” at myself too.

There’s this green plant in my dorm room’s balcony. It wasn’t taken care of by me nor my roommates until a friend who visited us told us the usefulness of the plant. 

After her words, I scrambled to my feet, filled a large bowl with water, and practically sprinted towards it. The soil it was in was dry as a desert and drank in every drop so fast, I almost went to get more— I didn’t want to add to its stress by drowning it. I reached to caress some of the still-green leaves. 

It would have to make it.

It had to live and I had to just hope it wouldn’t wither away.

Like an Ivy, the plant survived. I decided that would be the first and last time I didn’t look after it. From then on, it would stay hydrated, lush, and lovely— just like me.

It had been so well taken care of for a while now after it almost died, and now I haven’t even been in the room in over two months. News of the extended strike gives me the certainty that the plant will die before the forced holiday ends. 

Truth be told, it stands no chance at survival with no one to water its soil or monitor its light consumption. 

I can only hope it would stay miraculously alive.

But YOU?

You are not that plant.

You can stand a chance at survival if you feed and nurture yourself. You can survive, same with what is in you.

There is a deposit in you that shouldn’t waste away.

Don’t put your potential to sleep. The knowledge you’ve acquired shouldn’t die. You’ve got life, and that’s the biggest chance you’ll ever get. 

Productively do something, don’t just sit and waste away. Learn and grow. Feed and nurture yourself. Invest in yourself and live a valuable life.

So don’t sleep,

Don’t die,

Wake up!

I am Oluwaferanmi,

And you are loved by God.❤

P.S: Pray for my plant, please.

Will you?

Edited by Daniela Obike.

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