Got Questions? Ask Awayyy!

I promise I didn’t forget about you.

I didn’t intend to just leave you but then my brain said, “Let’s take a break, Agnes” and I yielded.

(Who was I not to?)

Hence, the mini-hiatus.

But enough about me.

How are you holding up? Hope July’s been great so far?

Alright, I bring you good news.

Drum roll please…

I’ll be hosting my first question and answer on this blog!!!!!

I’m so excited. Are you?

Okay, here’s the real deal:

You get the opportunity to ask any question about my blog or myself.

Is there anything you’re curious about or you’d like to know?

Is there anything you’d want my opinion on?

Want to know my favourite TV shows or artist?

Or even my worst nightmares…

Maybe I have a partner… or maybe I don’t.

You can only find out if you ask.

So, here’s your chance.

Send in your questions.

I promise to answer them all in the best way I possibly can.

Please don’t hassle me with naughty questions,

Or about the chores I hate.

(Yep, I still don’t like to do them dishes.😂)

I’ll post the answers here.

But if you want privacy, send me a message and let me know.

To make this easier, here’s a link to ask your question anonymously (I won’t know who asked ’em):

Better still, you can leave your questions in the comment section or just drop them through DM.

Your options are limitless:

Either you use the link

Or comment section

Or direct message.

I sure can’t wait to get your questions.

Oh, and don’t be so formal about it—

You can always express yourself according to your personality as God’s child.

Don’t forget to keep fighting forward and don’t take no for an answer k?

I am Oluwaferanmi, 

And you are loved by God.

Thank youuuuu.

Edited by: Daniela Obike.


4 thoughts on “Got Questions? Ask Awayyy!

  1. Ah, nice Idea.
    Where do I start from🤔🤔.
    Hmm, so what made you start this blog!?
    You know there are a lot of things you could have done but you choose this, why?
    That’s my first question 😄👏

    Liked by 2 people

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