25 Quotes From Francine Rivers’ The Masterpiece.

Hey you, how are you holding up?

I brought you some highlights from my favorite read in 2021,

And it’s none other than the fiction, The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers.

Francine gives life to the story of Roman (the main character) and there were a lot of things I learnt from Roman and Grace’s story.

I figured you’d need a couple of them so, I narrowed them down to just 25, and that’s why we’re having this post.

Of course, this is not a review so I won’t be sharing the book’s summary and my overview. But if you however want a review, kindly leave a comment.

That being said, here you go:

1. Sometimes what looks like a gift is a gift.

2. Funny thing about cancer: it reminded me I’m mortal, so it doesn’t make sense to put off the things I want to do.

3. The way a man uses language makes a difference where he can end up; gutter talk keeps one in the gutter.

4. I just want to see the big picture and know where we are going, and how we are going to get there.

5. Every one’s sunset is different.

6. Faith is just the beginning of a long difficult journey.

7. It’s not easy to go through life without love. It’s lonely. It’s painful.

8. Though he kept getting better and better, yet he still couldn’t come close to his real potential. If he doesn’t let go of his past, then he never will.

9. Just because it’s the only place you’ve ever been doesn’t mean it’s the best place for you.

10. I don’t have answers: I have faith.

11. Be strong and courageous, and for once in your life, come out of the shadows.

12. Little boys want their toys, honey.

13. All his strength hadn’t been enough to break free, but one soft word from Christ, and he was alive again.

14. You just need to remember who you are and who’s on your side. God’s going to take care of you; just stick with Him.

15. God nudges people, most people just don’t pay attention.

16. “Jesus came to set you free, Roman, not remind you constantly of where you missed the mark; we’re saved by grace…”

This was literally me screaming this to Roman in my head.

17. The longer you stay away, the more excuses keep you away.

18. The life of any man or woman rests in the palm of His– Jesus’– scarred hand.

19. Most students remember the upper-class teachers in high school and forget all about the ones they had in their first few years: the unsung heroes who teach the basics.

20. Don’t hide away and punish yourself for the rest of your life., it’s no way to live.

21. “Who gets married these days without trying each other on?”

“Trying each other on? You mean like a change of clothes?”

You want a relationship that lasts? You commit.

 You want to play house and screw around? Go back to the club and find another one-night stand.

22. If I’d brought you up to know your worth, you might not have sold yourself short.

Sometimes, women love too much and lose themselves completely.

23. I need to be sure, Lord. I know what I want, but there are plenty of days when I still don’t know what’s right.

24. Life can be pretty unbearable without something to believe in.

25. Grace swore she would never stray alone: 

“Hold me close, Lord, never let me go,” she said.

Alone, she knew she’d only drown and wash up on a sandy shore.

The Masterpiece is one of the novels that influenced my spiritual life. It made true this scripture:

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He had created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.”                                     —Ephesians 2:10.

“Our pasts do not determine the future God has planned for us…” 

That was the greatest lesson I took from the book.  

Roman recognized himself at fifteen: angry, broken, with no family and no hope. 

I saw how God pulled Roman and Grace out of the mire and turned their lives around.

Then I realized — when God takes hold of a broken life, He turns it into an amazing masterpiece.

It’s amazing how beautiful ruins are. They are literally broken pieces that have been destroyed, defeated, and withered by time. 

Yet, people travel insane distances just to see what they look like, just to feel their jagged pieces with their hands and feet, and just to experience it for themselves.

It’s the same with people – broken vessels turned into God’s beautiful masterpiece. 

There is beauty in the art of redemption, and God remains, still, the Redeemer.

You are a masterpiece!

I am Oluwaferanmi,  

And you are loved by God.❤

Edited by Daniela Obike.

PS: Thank you so much Caroline for sharing this wonderful book with me. I’m grateful.🥰

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  1. Highly inspiring quotes. No 19 caught my attention as I was recently thinking about the same thing. God bless you greatly dear sister.

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