Eight Lessons at 18.

  • Author: Kayode-Folorunsho Blessed O.
  • Genre: Memoir.
  • Publication Date: 18th July, 2021.
  • Publisher: Self-published.

Thank you Blessed Oluwatofunmi for this free e-book. I am providing my honest opinion voluntarily.

Blessed’s “Eight Lessons at 18” is a 25 paged book. In there, she outlined eight crucial lessons as she clicked 18. Although this is a short book, it’s one that packs quite a punch. Moreover, it’s free!

Click on the link and grab yours. https://selar.co/9up2 It’s definitely worth a read!

My thoughts on the book? Yeah, I shared some personal insights I got from the book. I hope this encourages you to get your own copy.

I have a purpose. The universe is weird. There are billions of people in the world and sometimes I need to take a moment to realize I’m just one small silver in those multiple billion. “Why am I one of those billion, what am I supposed to do in such a big world with such little time?” “Why do I have this life?” I’d ask myself. And I realized, everyone has a part in this world, that’s why I was given this world, this place in time. We have this life, necessarily not because of one giant event, one thing or something we were sent to accomplish, but for the little things. My life is not the small, insignificant story I often believe it to be. It is a story designed by and for my Maker, who wants to glory in His accomplishments in and through me. God created me for a purpose, and I am a marvelous work of God. You have a purpose. And He has made us the conduit through which He can accomplish His purposes here on earth.

Relationships matter. Humans are social beings. And while we relate with others, we have to be mindful of the relationships we keep. Build meaningful relationships and nurture them. Be careful of the things you let influence you. Make great connections. And never you think you can do life on your own. You need people.

Be accountable. Accountability and responsibility, dang it! I had once hated greatly on those words. Cause seriously, no one desire a clipped freedom. No one would happily dig the idea of being a caged bird. Now, I can say accountability provides a way for us to take personal responsibility for our lives; a chance to be intentional about our lives. And it sure trains us in humility and honesty. Being accountable hurts no one. In fact, in there lies great benefits. Just two things – learn to fear the Lord, and get an accountability partner.

Live a life of honour. And what other better way to go about that than seeking to follow the Lord’s will in everything. Staying true to our promises, spreading love, living a life of integrity, giving respect to whom it’s due, that better sum it up.

Challenges will always be there. Who says it’s gonna be smooth sailing? Challenges have their ways of surfacing, and they will always surface. (Now, I’m being no prophet of doom). John 16:33 says, “… In the world you have tribulation and distress and suffering, but be confident I have overcome the world.” Challenges in life are a given, but you can use them to your advantage. Sometimes we do think we will reach a point in our lives where we no longer have any challenges, but the truth is, in every stage of our lives, careers, ventures or relationships, we will be challenged, be it by the things we expect or do not expect. Life wasn’t made to be without any obstacle. Even Jesus had it bad at some points. As long as we’re striving forward, there will be challenges. Just keep going, you never can tell when you will get there.

Refuse unnecessary pressure. What do I term as unnecessary pressure? Comparing yourself, your abilities, with someone else. Someone made it big at a particular age and you feel you should as well? It shouldn’t be. For one, you never can tell what the other person had been exposed to from an early age; the opportunities the person had that you may not even score in years to come. We are different individuals with unique callings. You’ve got potentials in you. You’ve got value. You have something to offer. Stay true to your path. Don’t in any way, feel pressured to live up to someone’s standard. You are pretty great the way you are. Just keep doing whatever you do, and when it’s time, it’s gonna be a big bang.

“One day you will wake up with great excitement knowing that you are yourself and you’ll be excited about the things you can create.” – Martin Ortiz.

Always have a target. I don’t picture the future. To me, it’s fickle as it never pans out the way we hope. I don’t plot, I just go with it. Meaning, most times, I don’t have a specific target… I just go with it. Over time, I’ve realized the importance of always having a target. It keeps you on track, spur you on and keep you going consistently. You get to achieve a goal in a timeframe. Setting targets also helps you to judge whether you’re making improvements. Join me in this, will you? Let’s set goals and keep trying until we reach ’em.

Be positive, God gat you! Did anyone catch those last three words? God gat you! Even when you feel tired, stressed out and completely overwhelmed, God’s got your back. Isaiah 41:13 says, “I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” Right there, He’s saying, “don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t be discouraged, I’ve got this. It’s all under control, it will all work out.” I bawled my eyes out at this point. What’s more amazing than a big God being my anchor? I’ve got Him to cheer me on at every right points. I can simply sit back, relax and watch Him fight my battles. He hold true to His promises, and right now and till forever, He’s got me cause I’m His. That promise from God is an assurance that He’s interested in our lives. You don’t have to panic when you can’t control what’s happening. God gave you a purpose that requires you to trust in Him in special ways? That is His way of stretching and strengthening your faith muscles. Maybe God has chosen something bigger for you, something you wouldn’t have chosen for yourself. Believe there’s a reason behind all that you go through. So, hop on, let’s enjoy this ride, God gat us!

Y’all, meet beautiful Blessed!

You can check out her blog at Blessed Oluwatofunmi’s blog Her contents are enriching and their depths lie in God’s Word. A visit, shall we? Do leave a comment and like. She sure would love to know your thoughts on her blog posts.


I am Oluwaferanmi,

And you are loved by God.❤️

17 thoughts on “Eight Lessons at 18.

  1. This seems like a genuinely interesting book. It’s one thing for an old person to share their wisdom with others, but young people sharing their learnings resonates more with younger people. Truly appreciate the points you’ve mentioned here. Congratss, Oluwatonfunmi on the publication of this wonderful book!

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  2. These are pretty great lessons, and so wise from an 18 year old.
    I really appreciate all you’ve shared, especially the point about having a target. That can change a lot and be a strong source of motivation.

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  3. I think this is great book which has life lessons that everyone needs to have in their life and since this is free then sponsor should help with distribution across the globe because this book is about positivity.

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