You know too much already!

You… Don’t you think you know too much already?” Those were the words of Christie Oderinde, my pretty Affiliate marketing coach, to me one blissful morning. “You know too much already. Go and implement. Start implementing today.”

“You have what it takes to start. You cannot have it all fixed at the beginning. Stop the excuses. Start acting. At the end, your excuses never count.”

Christie Oderinde.

Are you scared of putting yourself out there? It’s okay to be scared. Being scared isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The outcome is usually greater than the fear itself. Take your time, learn at your pace, and garner as much infos as needed, but don’t forget to turn your knowledge into action. Cause success requires implementation.

Never sell yourself short. The knowledge you have is someone else’s question. Where most people get stuck is wanting to create massive change right away, and things don’t work that way. Success, as well as change, begins with one step and one person. It’s just like building a house. It begins with laying one brick at a time.

You don’t have to think big and amazing right away. Things won’t be amazing all at once. Yet, it’s not enough reason to give up even before getting started. Instead, start where you’re able to start. Many times, you’ve had the words, “think big” said to you. That’s great, but to get going, you have to think small. Take little steps. One step is all it takes.

Success requires implementation. Turn your knowledge into action.

Go out, see and hear some things for yourself, have some exposure, make friends, diversify, read books, and engage in sensible arguments, knowledge is cosmopolitan. Never underestimate having intelligent conversations, it pays.

Learn, learn and learn, then implement.

Don’t you think you know too much? You probably want to achieve or change a lot of things. Start with this: If I think in small steps, I could start by…

I hope this post inspires you and resonates with you.

From my heart to yours,

I am Oluwaferanmi,

And you are loved by God.

19 thoughts on “You know too much already!

  1. Knowledge is power and it is important for people to share their knowledge with others because what you think is useless might gold to someone out…so big up to those who wrote books about their personal journeys etc.

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