Crush it, Candy!🀩

Disclaimer: This post is not a random rambling about Candy Crush. Oh yeah, maybe it is.

I love Candy Crush, and my love for it hurts so good, yet it’s the only game left on my mobile device. I love the challenge for one, I guess that’s why I’m so obsessed with it. And for the fact that it ain’t just a game to me, it’s an ever-present companion that has taught me a lot of lessons. Call me weird? I’ve been called that many times.

I’m a super candy crusher, don’t mess with me. Some levels are so easy to play that there’s always that pride of “yes, I’m a pro when it comes to this game.” While some levels are as hard as f*ck. From that, Candy crush says, life won’t always come easy, there are gonna be bad days. Enjoy the good days while they last, glory in your hey-days, celebrate those little wins and beginnings. They are preparing you for the hard days ahead.

Lots of ‘nevers’ with no hope of becoming ‘somedays.’ There are times when I’d been stuck at a level for up to a week, even more than. My mantra then would be, “I’m never playing this game again.” Till now, those ‘nevers’ are yet to see the light of day. Why? Cause eventually, I will end up crushing that level. There’s more to the book of my life than the page I’m stuck on. Yeah, I got that from Candy Crush. That I met with a dead end today, doesn’t automatically guarantee failure. There’s still a ray of hope, I only have to keep pushing. Being stuck doesn’t mean that’s the end. It’s only a roadblock, and roadblocks can be moved.

What drives you? If you can’t deal with frustrations and disappointments, don’t play this game. One would say, “what’s so peculiar about this game?” Well, I’m clueless too. Those hard levels had got me so frustrated to the point of even exiting the game. Yet, I would find myself picking up my phone again. Don’t blame me, I just happened to love the challenge. And what’s driving me? My determination to crush that level. I have just but one goal, and that is winning. At this point, Candy crush says, focus, determination and consistency is needed to win any race.

One step at a time. Candy Crush Saga is said to be a Saga that never ends, and with new levels constantly being added, it does look like there is no end in sight. I love that about the game; you can’t see the level ahead, the next level will only pop up after you’ve completed the previous one. You can’t see what’s ahead, yet you’re forging forward. The Christian journey is exactly that. A step of faith into the unknown…we see not by sight, but by faith. One step at a time. One day at a time.

Big girls don’t cry, innit? Have you ever felt the pain associated with coming so close to winning, only to lose? This game did me bad. Funnily enough, a point would be all that is left to win a level, only to realize that my moves had been exhausted. Candy Crush wanna se yeye mi in front of my fellow trainees at work. But big girls don’t cry innit? It hurts so good, it hurts a lot, feeling the pain of coming so close to victory, just to end up losing. Ironically, I’ve played some levels where I woulda given up completely on winning, and by some unexplainable means, I would end up winning. That joy ehn, it’s unexplainable.

A picky eater like me, you should be that. The icon will always offer help. It’s all up to you to choose to go with the suggestions or not. You may follow some, and it will pay off. In some cases, it won’t, only for you to keep regretting why you hadn’t made your own moves. My take home: You’re gonna get advice ear and dear, help upandan, suggestions and offers. But not all is to be taken. Some are to be discarded. How sensitive are you in knowing the ones to adhere to and accept, and the ones to reject? I should say here that the Holy Spirit is the best companion ever, the one who has been called to our sides. With Him, you will be able to sieve out the unneeded offers.

I’m the one with five lives. In Candy Crush, gamers are assigned five lives. If someone doesn’t manage to get through a level, they lose one life. We all talk about chances, opportunities, luck, but what about grace? We all don’t share the same grace, y’unno? You don’t have till eternity to serve God. You don’t have till forever to fulfil purpose. What are you stalling on doing? You don’t wanna lose a life, I believe. We sure want no regret.

One day, maybe, I’m gonna complete all levels of the Mobile Candy Crush Saga Game. Till then, a girl’s gonna keep wishing.

Thanks for reading through, I appreciate.

I am Oluwaferanmi,

And you are loved by God.❀️

28 thoughts on “Crush it, Candy!🀩

  1. Creativity at it’s peak πŸš€. How you were able to spit all these bars from the popular candy crush is amazing… I feel like I should play the game but I’ve forsaken games for a very long time now. Great one Hagne ⚑.

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  2. Wow, this is hyper hyper creative! Life lessons from candy crush? A big yes here! Love it! β€˜β€™There’s more to the book of my life than the page I’m stuck on’’ Wow, a powerful, hard-hitting line! A line to live by. Such a delightfully imaginative post, dear friend! πŸ‘Œ

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  3. What a powerful piece. Great one from you Agnes. We keep moving no matter the obstacles.
    A message of faith and hope encouraging perseverance and persistency. More grace dear sister.

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  4. Im not a candy crusher. I’m not a big fan of games in general, my mom didn’t like them so it was kind of passed down unconsciously. I loved this piece though πŸ™Œ

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