Plugged in Switched off.

Mother-mine woke me up on Saturday morning to have my phone charged. Her words, “You have a program to be at today, and who knows when you’ll be back. You should have your phone charged while there’s light.”

My lazy self thought that she could have just picked up my phone and had it plugged in, instead of waking me up. Grudgingly, I stood up to do that which she refused to do. My day kicked off afterward as I went about doing my morning duties.

Earlier to that moment, I had commented on anitaannabel post on her blog, and with the belief that she would have replied, I went to where my phone was plugged in.

To my dismay, the switch was off. And all through, my data was on, also with the Bluetooth being connected with the home theater. The battery was being drained while the phone was busy giving out, yet receiving nothing. How bad I wanted to cry.

Of a truth, most are connected to their Source, without receiving anything from the Source. Most are giving out what’s within them, yet refusing to replenish themselves with more. If what is within finishes, what will keep you going?

Just like a phone needs to be plugged in, with the switch on to gain more energy to itself, we also need to be plugged in with the one true source(Christ) and with our switches on(the readiness to receive more from Him.)

Always remember to ask yourself, “Am I plugged in, with my switch on?”

Quick question: Have you ever had the experience of plugging in your phone, only to realize later that the switch was never put on?

Let your answers roll in in the comment section.

You do know that I appreciate you and I value your thoughts and opinions, yeah? Please leave a comment, like and share. Thank you.πŸ’–

Stay connected.

Stay blessed.


38 thoughts on “Plugged in Switched off.

  1. Oh yeah! Have had the experienced, before… This should always be at the back of our mind that, we will go astray if we are not receiving or plug with the right source! God bless you dear

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    • Thanks for sharing your thought on this. I bet the experience wasn’t a palatable one. Name it “frustrating”, “annoying”… I can relate dear. Glad you learnt something from the experience. Amen. Thank you.πŸ’–


  2. Beautiful piece. I love this πŸ’™. Being plugged in while the switch is off is more dangerous than not being plugged in at all. Many are called Christians, they are plugged in to church but they are not getting anything cos their faith isn’t switched on, whereas people think they are connected. The most important thing is to be connected. Thanks once again for this piece, Agnes.

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    • Wow! Your words are valued, Victor. Truly, the most important thing is to be connected. Thanks for your support always. You’re cherished!πŸ™‚


  3. Like it has happened a lot of time… When I think my phone is plugged but the switch is off. Even when we’re plugged to the source, it is our choice to switch it on and sometimes we may really want to switch but just as you were to lazy or carried away to notice you didn’t switch the socket on, we tend to get carried away or too lazy to decide.

    Beautiful piece 🌹

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  4. It’s my prayer that God opens our eyes to be sure if we’re still connected to him the only source Amen!!!
    God richly bless you my dear

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    • Yeah, that’s the best thing ever…being plugged in with the switch on.
      I’m so happy for the gift of your time.
      Thank you, dear friend.😊


  5. The phone incident has happened to me before. You can almost punch a hole through the wall in anger.
    The spirits dwelling in our bodies have no limits, time to tap into that power.😎

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  6. The kind of heartbreak that comes with plugging your phone unknown to you that the switch is off and your phone hasn’t been charging the entire time!!!πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

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