Dear Diary… I Died!

Dear diary,
I stayed up late last night
Lost in my endless thoughts
And my heart bled
My tears flowed for the sorrows of the multitude
For those dying in solitude
And I died, dear diary.

"How are you?"
"I'm fine."
That's our normal.
But my heart bled,
For the unsaid:
"Confused, Betrayed, Useless, Broken..."
"Never good enough, Fragile, Anxious..."
"I'm falling apart and you don't notice it."
"Pathetic, Annoying, Rejected, Lonely, Defeated."
And so,
Dear diary, I died.

For the "We don't know where we're going"
"We don't know where we belong"
"I'm not okay and I can't fix it"
"I can't take anything anymore,I give up."
I couldn't help it,
I died again, dear diary.

For those who can't stop being so angry,
Who can't stop being so sad,
Who can't stop killing themselves,
Who can't love themselves,
Who can't love everyone around them,
Who are wasting away being unhappy over trivial things,
I died, dear diary.

For the pretty but fake,
Living but dying,
Skinny but hungry,
Smiling but depressed,
That made my heart weep,
And I died, dear diary.

For the timid body,
For the unmotivated mind,
For the broken-hearted,
For the yearning hearts,
For the discouraged,
For the despised,
For the unsatisfied,
Still left with a lingering hunger.
For the wandering strangers,
I wept,
And I died, dear diary.

I pray thee, tell me
What's to be done, dear diary?

29 thoughts on “Dear Diary… I Died!

  1. Hmmm 😢😢….. A lot of souls are living a shadow of themselves, the depict what people think them or what the system say they should be but deep inside it’s whole different story 😒. I pray we all find reasons and courage to live in reality.

    Liked by 3 people

    • We make two, dear Joanne. There’s a lot going on with everyone that can’t be answered behind that commonly asked question.😒
      Glad you stopped by.
      Stay blessed!


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