In My Distress.

Weak,down and depressed,
Pressed and crushed,
Clueless and faint,
What shall I do?
Where shall I go?

Who shall I meet?
What shall I say?
Is my hope my real hope?
Or am I hoping on vanity,
Searching deep for answers but still blank?

Time and tide waits for no one they told me,
Am I wasting my time or is my time wasting me away?
Should I cry or wail?
Will my tears make me hale?

I shan't cry nor wail,but pray.
I'll hope and look unto the God of Creations,
Cause He wishes the best for me,His creation.
My hope is in Him,
My mind is stayed on Him.

#Imperfect child of a perfect Father.


You do know that I appreciate you and value your thoughts, yeah? Please read, like and leave a comment. Thank you.❣️

Poem credit: #Pheebzs– … Do appreciate my friend, she penned down those words.😊 Thank you, Bex♥️.

Whatever you do, keep going.

Stay blessed!


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