Weep Not, Child.

Weep not, Child

Weep not for things unseen

Weep not for paths untrodden

Weep not for fortune changed

Weep not for the past, fear not for the future

Weep not Child, everything is bound to have its day.

Weep not for the darkness in there,

For it ignites like an embered coal.

Weep not for mistakes made,

For there stands another chance.

Weep not for treasures lost,

For unto thee, wholeness beckons.

Weep not even when there is no hope,

Even when nothing you do show any sign of promise,

You keep going anyway.

Weep not on days when you don’t feel like going,

Growth is a long term game, and the crappy days are also important.

Weep not, Child

There is more to your book of life than the page you’re stuck on.

Weep not, Child

Don’t be scared to move on, close this chapter of hurt and let it fade away.

Weep not, Child

Get up, and get what your life deserves.

Weep not, Child

This too shall pass,

And in time, you’ll be glad it’s gone.

Weep not, Child

Let God create something better for your future.

Weep not, Child.

You are loved,

You are cherished,

You are made for more.

You do know that I appreciate you, and that I value your thoughts and opinions, yeah? Please leave a comment, like and share.

Remember… Weep not, Child. Whatever it may be, it won’t last.


27 thoughts on “Weep Not, Child.

  1. Yes, Sam.
    I love that line so much.๐Ÿ˜Š
    I believe life is not only about one’s present status, position or difficulty. There’s still more to come, life is still full of it’s promising surprises, than to give up so easily.

    I appreciate your like and thoughtful words.
    Thanks for reading, dear friend.๐Ÿ’–โœจ


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