Dear Me… With Love, Ivy.

Episode 3.

“And I’m happy about this. It’s just that…” she trailed off. “I’m pained about having wasted three years with that guy.”

“He messed me up – real bad. Being with him did more harm to my mental health. He said a lot. That I added no value to his life. His words were harsh and hurtful. And I felt so sad, so worthless, and so tired of everyone and everything.”

She paused to catch a breath, while Edward nodded at her encouragingly.

“It had all been me faking happiness, smiles and joy, presenting myself to people like all was going on well with me, while actually, I’d been wearing off from within. All I feel now is emptiness. Nothing more, nothing less.”

Edward heaved out as she kept on sobbing. He knew best not to console her, but to let her cry it all out. He knew she would cease her crying. And that was what she did some minutes after. Wiping her tears with an handkerchief he had handed to her, she stopped her sniffs and looked up to him.

“I’m pathetic, right?” She asked in a whisper.

He smiled at her, pulling her into his arms. “You are not. It’s okay to cry.”

It was silent afterwards. They sat in silence, without any utterance from any. For that moment, the silence was enough. It communicated Erica’s pains, sorrows, feelings and thoughts to Edward, and the same way, it communicated Edward’s love, concern, thoughts and unshed tears to Erica. The silence was a voice on its own. They understood it well. And it was enough. It had always been enough for them.

“What I need now is a break. No more tears on any other person. I need no one to make me feel worthless anymore, my mental health is more important.” She said.

“It’s for the best, I believe.”


“Erica?” He called, heading towards his table.


“I’m really sorry about having nothing to say to this.” He said.

“No need for that.” She smiled at him. “You made a great listener. Thank you.”

He nodded, then picked up a card from his table and handed it to her. “What do you have to say to that?”

With a quick glance at the card, she raised an eyebrow at him questioningly, “A shrink?”

He shrugged, “She is a friend of mine. She can help.”

Leaning more into her seat, she tapped a finger repeatedly on her chin. “You do trust her?”

“Yeah. I wouldn’t have recommended someone I do not.”

“If you want it, let me know. I’ll give her a call.”

Without more words, she smiled her thanks at him.

* * *

Once she got home, she tossed her flats into the shoe closet and set her bag on the dining table. Grabbing a pie, she took a minute to collect herself before heading to her room. The bed was a huge no-no, since the minute her body hit the mattress, she knew she’d be out like a light. With care, she maneuvered around the space. First things first, check emails. Her laptop took a minute or two to start up, but once it did, it was smooth sailing.

She started sifting through the pile, deleting and replying. Then she came across one that left her blood cold. Her fingers trembled and a bead of sweet trailed down the base of her neck. She read and reread the writing in the sender box.

Dennis Durojaye.

The English language was seriously lacking at that moment. There was no specific word to describe the atrocious mixture of pure rage and confusion swirling around in her brain. She might not be sure what her stance was on the email Dennis decided to dump into her inbox, but she knew one thing – it wasn’t needed. Not by her, at least.

She sighed and slumped lower into her chair. As much as she tried not to, her eyes skimmed across the text on her screen once again.

– The text message was a drunken mistake, Erica. It meant nothing, please. –

All she wanted to do was to press the delete button, but what held her back from doing just that, she couldn’t fathom. The next thing she knew, she found herself typing a reply to him.

– An email? You should have sent another text like you did earlier. –

His reply was immediate. Desperate much? She scoffed.

– I can explain babe. Can we meet up please? –

The nerve of him! She groaned, her eyes flashing with anger.

She hesitated for some while, her fingers hovering over the keyboard.

– We’re done, Dennis. Your explanation won’t be needed. –

She read her reply once again, about to hit on the send button. Then for some reasons, she backspaced all she had typed.

A smug smile found it way across her face. With a quick move, she picked up her phone and pressed dial on his number. He answered at the first ring.


“The Shark. 7:00pm tomorrow. Don’t worry about being stood up, I won’t.”

* * *

“Yesss!” Dennis screamed, flinging his phone carelessly on his bed.

His flatmate looked up at him questioningly.

“In two days time, I’m gonna get that big contract, bruv.” He said happily.

“Wawu. How will you do that?” His flatmate asked, his voice laced with sarcasm.

Dennis laughed. “I own the ace.”


“You got that right, TK.” Dennis replied with a smirk.

“You’re still using that girl?” TK scoffed.

“Oh, yes. I planned on popping her v-card before discarding her.”

“You disgust me sometimes guy.” TK said with pure disapproval. “You never liked her?”

“I never said I didn’t.” Dennis replied defensively. “But I happened to like her father’s money and connections much more better.”

“The poor lady did you no bad, D.” TK said in Erica’s defense.

Dennis glared at him, “Her soon-to-be broken heart is gonna need some ice-cream and chocolates. I bet you’ll be the perfect shoulder for her to cry on.”

TK glared back at him irritatedly, then flipped him off.

21 thoughts on “Dear Me… With Love, Ivy.

  1. Denis is a naughty guy
    Erica is too naive to know who loves her.
    I just want to beat up Denis and slap some sense into Erica, smiles.

    Well done dear
    Looking forward to the next episode.

    Liked by 1 person

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